by F.W. Thomas
The author states that, 'To get the full flavour out of it, the performer should wear, among other things, a grey shawl, which at regular intervals she should clutch beneath her chin, at the same time rolling up the whites of her eyes in simulated despair. With a sympathetic pianoforte obligato as background, the effect will be still further enhanced; and if, from time to time, the pianist scatters a handful of torn paper over the performer to represent a blinding snow-storm, I doubt if there will be a dry eye in the audience.'
divider Underneath the gas-lamp's glitter, stood a child of thirty years; Pale and wan, and sobbing bitter, all her jumper moist with tears. Fast and thick the snow was falling; heedless passed the giddy throng, While in accents most appalling sadly she produced this song, Chorus: 'Though I'm but a burglar's daughter Do not spurn me, do not shove, For I've never really known affection, Never known a papa's love.' 'No fond parent by the fireside ever took me on his knee, No one told me fairy stories, listening to my childish glee. All alone I sat each evening, till 'twas time to seek my bed, While dear daddy went a-burgling, for to buy his daughter bread.' Chorus: 'Sad and lonely, cold and friendless By the bitter world reviled, Won't you kindly spare a copper For the burglar's leetle child?' 'For, last night, the bad policeman pinched my Dad and run him in, Just when he had done a burgle for to buy his child some gin. In a dreadful cell they bunged him, heedless of his daughter's moan Robbed me of my only father; left me weeping all alone.' Chorus: 'Won't you help the burglar's daughter Spare a copper for a crumb All I have to drink is water And I'd like a tot of rum.' Heedless of her plaintive sobbing, thoughtless thousands passed her by 'Til a tender-hearted bobby stopped and murmured, 'Do not cry! Underneath the shiny cape, there beats a heart that aches for thee, Though the harsh, cold world should spurn you, just you come along with me.' Chorus: Lonely, limp, and wet, and weary, Sad at heart and fit to drop Stood the burglar's lovely daughter "Coming quietly?" said the cop. He was gentle as a father. Placed his arm about her frame; While the people who had scorned her sought to hide their burning shame. Slowly down the street he led her to the little iron gate Shoved her through the station doorway saying, 'This is Ginger Kate!' Chorus: Thus her whispered prayer was answered Jeering crowds no more will mock See the burglar and his daughter Reunited in the dock!
The end