by Leslie Crossley performed by ED. E. FORD. I'm in my dear old 'civvies' and I've wished them all good-bye The Colonel said, 'So long old Bean.' and a tear fell from his eye. The Adjutant saluted me, gave me his hand and said, 'Good Day' The Quartermaster drank my beer and gave me ten years pay. (perhaps) In vain the Sergeant Major moaned with his hand upon his heart, 'I never thought when I met you, that we should ever part.' The canteen man chalked me a pint, the cook said I looked grand. 'Abide with me.' and 'Rest in Peace.' they played upon the band. So it's no more darned 'Reveille' and 'Come to the Cookhouse Door ' Fall in men to do 'CB'... for duration of the war. It's farewell to Church Parades, to Mess Fatigues as well, I've finished killing Germans and wishing them to Hell. And when I go out for a walk without my pack, what luck, To forming fours I say 'Napoo' and so will my old Duck. When it comes to gas attacks I'm 'parley vouing ' what, Because all the gas I'll cotten to... is the penny in the slot.
The end