composed and performed by Bert Gaunt 'Ah've just had chop suey i' Bradford, Ah'd nivver a thowt it could be. Nay, we'd heard of this caff like, An' just for a laf like, We went in, the missus an' me. We got in, you'd nivver believe it, There were paintings of dragons on t'wall. And a lantern went round wi' a tinkling sound, An' it didn't seem like Bradford at all. They brought us two portions of '30', An' a bloody big plate full of rice. There were chicken chopped small, An' bean shoots an' all, An' God knows what else at the price. The waiter, a nice little fellah, We'd finished, he bowed with his head. Ah said: 'Sithee, old chum, That were gradely, by gum'. But he didn't understand what Ah said. Ah've just had chop suey in Bradford, An' Ah must say it tasted quite good. We'll go there aggen like Ah don't know just when like, But next time we'll have Yorkshire pud!'
The end