by Newman Levy Percival Wilberforce Henderson Crane Was married and dwelt up in Bethlehem, Maine. He attended the church, and was fond of his wife, And he lived a respectable, virtuous life. Now Genevieve Marguerite Valois Valence Resided at Rouen, a city in France. Her husband she loved in a manner insane, For she never had heard about Percival Crane. Each morning when Percival left for the day He would kiss his wife fondly, then start on his way, And at no other woman would Percival glance, For he never had heard about Madame Valance. Now Percival dreamed that through France he would tour With his wife and his kids; but, alas, he was poor, For his salary was small; so poor Percival Crane Was obliged to stay home up in Bethlehem, Maine. While Genevieve dreamed of a trip to the States, But, alas, all her plans were upset by the Fates, For her husband was poor, so she hadn't a chance To travel from Rouen, a city in France. So Percival still goes his virtuous way -- To church every Sunday, to business each day. And at no other woman will Percival glance, For he's never met Genevieve Valois Valence. While Genevieve still leads a virtuous life. Her husband she loves like a dutiful wife. And no doubt she'll continue that way to remain, For she's never met Percival Wilberforce Crane.
The end