by Richard Haswell When Geordie Broon of Backworth got converted and made new, He sed with aal his evil ways and habits he waas through. He signed the Pledge of Temperence so he finished drinking beer, And from that day to this there's not one person heard him sweer. Noo Charlie Boy, his parrot, couldn't drop things in that way, And it seemed to put some practice in at sweering ivvery day. When Geordie came from Chapel and he browt a friend or two, The parrot started taaking and the atmosphere torned blue. That bord embarrassed Geordie, then he had a good idea, He thowt he'd buy another bord and hing it somewhere near, And then when Charlie Boy could see another on the job, He might forget to sweer si much and larn to haad his gob. So Geordie went and bowt another parrot strite away, The shopman caaled it Polly, it waas kind'a bluey grey. It had belanged a Clergyman, who had to gan abroad, He couldn't tyek it with him so he had to leave the bord. Although it had seen better days it give itself nee airs, The shopman sed the bord could taak, he'd heard it say its prayers. So Geordie paid the money for't got his receipt and then He sed, 'Aa hope we get hyem safe.' And Polly sed, 'Amen' When Charlie Boy saa Polly come, he seemed to sweer the mair, Then Polly lukked him up and doon, and offered up a prayer. The weeks went by and Charlie Boy wad start to sweer each day, And Polly sitting on hor porch, wad close hor eyes and pray. The Minister one afternoon came in to hev some tea, And heard the whole performance. Geordie sed, 'What can aa dee?' The Minister sed, 'Try them both in one cage for the day, And ye might find that Polly will teach Charlie Boy to pray'. When the tea waas nicely ower, and the Minister had gone, Charlie Boy waas still blaspheming, Polly's prayer waas running on. So Geordie gently took her from the cage that she waas in And pushed hor in with Charlie Boy to try and stop the din. Then Charlie Boy upon his porch lukked happy as could be, He sed, 'Noo is thoo time to hev some fun and games wi me.' And Polly answered as she hopped aboot the cage's floor, 'Why Charlie Boy, what'di ye think, aa've kept on praying for?
The end