by Leonard Henry
Known for his dynamic humour, Leonard Henry often used to broadcast from seaside resorts where he was appearing. He was a true cockney, and a natural comic. Leonard was a trained chemist, and was on the laboratory staff of a firm of manufacturing chemists until he was involved in an explosion. While he was recuperating at Southend, he saw the pierrot troupe known as "Pick me up". He joined them, and broke into show business.
I had a friend who's name was Jim, His fate was hard to bare. For everytime he wished to speak, He couldn't help but swear. His trouble so oppressed him, That he vowed he'd never talk, And every time he wished to speak, He'd write it out in chalk. At length poor Jim, went off his head, To the mad-house he was sent, And he wrote his rude words on the wall, No matter where he went. And so they told a warder off, To follow him about, And with a little piece of sponge, To wipe his rude words out. One night with screams, the asylum rang, And there was Jim, poor man, Rushing through the corridors, And writing as he ran. 'Stand back, he cried, don't stop me!' As onwards he did lunge, 'I'm fourteen 'Damns' and a 'Devil' in front... and the warder's lost his sponge!'
The end