by Anonymous When Ernie Dunn wor still alive Folks sed 'e wor no good. But nah 'e's dead, they changed their tune: 'E's called "misunderstood". But Ernie Dunn can 'ear 'em not - 'E's climbed the gowden steer. At last 'e's come to t'gowden geet And thunders, "Oppen theer!" "What dost tha want?", St. Peter sez, "Why dost tha mek that din?" "Ah'm Ernie Dunn," Owd Dunn replies, "Tha'd better let mey in!" St. Peter shook 'is 'oary 'ead, And tonned as if ter go: "No Dunn can enter 'ere, me lad. Thee 'op it - dahn below." "'Ark 'ere, owd chap," sez Ernie Dunn, "Thi face is nice and kind. Thee tek a lowk in t' gowden bowk: Ah'm sure tha'll change thi mind." "Well just to please thee," Peter sez, "Ah'll go and look in t' book. But goin' be what ah've 'eard o' thee, Ah'm 'fraid tha's aht o' luck." St. Peter went to look in t' book - 'E thowt owd Dunn'd weet. When 'e com back, owd Dunn wor gone... And so were t' gowden geet!
The end