by Anonymous A dog came trotting owre the brae, A bone was in his mou: He was headin for his kennel To lie doon and have a chew. A meaty bone, a juicy one, Nothing else was in his heid. But gettin hame as quick's he could Lyin doon to hae a feed! He thocht he's tak a short cut, And loup across the burn: He kent a narrow bittie Just before the water turned! He was comin past a millpond Where the stream ran deep and cool And the willows on the burnie Kissed the willows in the pool. And the colours o' the morning Were a sheet o' polished glass When he saw his ain reflection In the water as he passed!! 'Guid sakes!' he thocht "another dug! He's got a bone an a'! I wonder how he got it I could fairly manage twa!! " He stops and leans oot owre the edge, Sair tempted with the sight, A meaty bone, a juicy bone; Surely worth a fight! "I'm sure that I can manage him: He doesnae look that tough; And maybe he'll just turn and run If I bark loud enough! ' He bared his teeth and gave a bark there was a muckle splash And the other dog just vanished... In the ripple o' the wash! He stood and stared... dumfounded As the ripples slowly cleared: The other dug was there again!! His bone had disappeared! He stood and gave his lug a scratch, Said, "Time I was awa" And the dug doon in the water, Scratched his lug ana!! Oor hero wandered hame again Wi hangin lugs and tail. Next time he found a juicy bone... He'd keep it tae himsel!!! Moral: So Dinna envy other folks. Look to your ain affairs. Ye'll no enjoy the things you've got If Ye'll aye be watching theirs!!!
The end