by Cassius Clay Clay comes out to meet Liston And Liston starts to retreat If Listor goes back any further He'll end up in a ringside seat. Clay swings with a left, Clay swings with a right, Look at young Cassius Carry the fight. Liston 'keeps backing But there's not enough room It's a matter of time. There, Clay lowers the boom. Now Clay swings with a right, What a beautiful swing, And the punch raises the bear, Clear out of the ring. Liston is still rising And the ref wears a frown, For he can't start counting, Till Sonny comes down. Now Liston disappears from view. The crowd is getting frantic, But our radar stations have picked him up He's somewhere over the Atlantic. Who would have thought When they came to the fight That they'd witness the launching Of a human satellite? Yes, the crowd did not dream When they laid down their money That they would see A total eclipse of the Sonny! I am the Greatest!
The end