Railway Tales

(1914 -1918) With the usual apologies... From 'The Wipers Times' a famous WW1 trench newspaper. If you can drink the beer the Belgians sell you, And pay the price they ask with ne'er a grouse, If you believe the tales that some will tell you, And live in mud with ground sheet for a house, If you can live on bully and a biscuit. And thank your stars that you've a tot of rum, Dodge whizzbangs with a grin, and as you risk it Talk glibly of the pretty way they hum, If you can flounder through a C.T. nightly That's three-parts full of mud and filth and slime, Bite back the oaths and keep your jaw shut tightly, While inwardly you're cursing all the-time, If you can crawl through wire and crump-holes reeking With feet of liquid mud, and keep your head Turned always to the place which you are seeking, Through dread of crying you will laugh instead, If you can fight a week in Hell's own image, And at the end just throw you down and grin, When every bone you've got starts on a scrimmage, And for a sleep you'd sell your soul within, If you can clamber up with pick and shovel, And turn your filthy crump hole to a trench, When all inside you makes you itch to grovel, And all you've had to feed on is a stench, If you can hang on just because you're thinking You haven't got one chance in ten to live, So you will see it through, no use in blinking And you're not going to take more than you give, If you can grin at last when handing over, And finish well what you had well begun, And think a muddy ditch' a bed of clover, You'll be a soldier one day, then, my son.
The end