Railway Tales

by Pte. Miller, 10th West Yorks. Regt. Another Heinkel hit the dust, Or rather hit the sea, Good shooting on our Jim's part, folks, I think you will agree. The Sergeant cried: 'Cigar or nuts?' Said Jim, 'I want no prize. This bomber I intend to fly— That is, if she will rise.' He duffed his clothing in a flash, And swam out with a crawl, He dumped the Nazis overboard, Then did an overhaul. 'Come back! Come back!' the Sergeant cried, 'I fear that you'll be wrecked.' Said Jim: 'Please don't distress yourself,' Or words to that effect. He flew to Berlin right away, Then hovered over Munich. By way of extra camouflage, He donned a Nazi tunic. He landed in the castle grounds; Arrived in time for lunch With Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, Hess And all that nasty bunch. Asked Jim, 'You blokes would like a flight?' They answered, 'Ya! Heil! Hoch!' Said Jim, 'Well hurry. Shut your mouths, Or in them put a sock!' He shot his bomber up aloft And o'er the North Sea sped. 'Turn back!' they screamed. But Jim just laughed, 'Cheer up, you'll soon be dead.' He landed them at Gravesend, A name that does sound grim. His Colonel cried, 'Well done, my boy,' Which did embarrass Jim. 'A VC you deserve, my lad, For capturing these mutts.' But Jim said: 'Sir, I'd much prefer A few cigars and nuts.'
The end