by Anon I were lying all peaceful in Lion House And thinking that dinner were near, When along came a lad with a stick in 'is 'and And poked it right into me ear! Now the lad's name were 'Albert Ramsbottom' A noisy and nasty young squirt 'Is stick 'ad an 'orses 'ead 'andle And the ferrule were sharp... and it 'urt. So I did what you might 'ave imagined And gave in to a moment of rage I grabbed the young lad with 'is stick in 'is 'and And pulled 'im right into me cage. I can tell you 'is flesh were quite tasty And I soon 'ad 'im tucked out of sight Though 'is parents both said it were wrong what I did But the Magistrates said... I were right.!!!
The end