by Mamie Jane Meredith (1888 -1966) That nightee teem he come chop-chop One young man walkee, no can stop, Machee snow, machee ice, He cally flag wit’h chop so nice - Top-side Galah He muchee solly; one piecee eye Lookee sharp - so fashion - my He talkee large, he talkee stlong’ Too much culio; allee same gong - Top-side Galah Insidee house he can see light, And evly loom got fire all light, He lookee plenty ice more high Insidee mout’h he plenty cly - Top-side Galah Ole man talkee, “No can walk, Bimeby lain come, velly dark; Have got water, velly wide” Machee, my must go top-side - Top-side Galah “Man-man” one girlee talkee he “What for you go top-side look-see?” And one teem more he plenty cly, But allee teem walk plenty high - Top-side Galah “Take care t’hat spilum tlee, young man, Take care t’hat ice, must go man-man.” One coolie chin-chin he good-night He talkee, “My can go all light” - Top-side Galah That young man die; one large dog see Too muchee bobbly findee he, He hand b’long coldee, all same like ice, He holdee flag, with chop so nice - Top-side Galah
The end