by A.E. Houseman ( Parody of 'Excelsior' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ) The shades of night were falling fast And the rain was falling faster, When through an Alpine village passed An Alpine village pastor; A youth who bore mid snow and ice A bird that wouldn't chirrup, And a banner, with the strange device — 'Mrs. Winslow's soothing syrup. ''Beware the pass,' the old man said, 'My bold and desperate fellah; Dark lowers the tempest overhead, And you'll want your umberella; And the roaring torrent is deep and wide — You may hear how it washes.' But still that clarion voice replied: 'I've got my old goloshes.' 'Oh stay,' the maiden said, 'and rest (For the wind blows from the nor'ward) Thy weary head upon my breast — And please don't think me forward.' A tear stood in his bright blue eye And gladly he would have tarried; But still he answered with a sigh: 'Unhappily I'm married.'
The end