by Fred Rome and Ada Tunks (1910) Performed by Bransby Williams 'Tis ten long years since first we met, He came not from a famous set, A tiny pup, a precious pet My little Jack. He was not born of high degree, He had no lengthy pedigree, But he was all the world to me My little Jack. Folk may think my ways absurd, For I told him all that had occurred, He understood most every word My little Jack. Once the victim of a heartless theft Of home and all I was bereft, I was happy for I'd one thing left, My little Jack. And when the funds and food were low, The same affection he'd bestow, How different from the world we know, Was little Jack. And when I once was taken ill, He lingered by my bedside still, The only one my heart to thrill Was little Jack. Each morn upon my humble bed, He'd greet me with a drooping head, What sorrow on his face I read, My little Jack. And when our hardship days had flown, And many hardships we have known, Still he ate his humble bone, My little Jack. One night I lost him on his way, Some friend had led my Jack astray, I watched and waited day by day, For little Jack. And when a weary week passed by, One night I heard a piteous cry, My Jack returned to me to die, Poor little Jack. My only friend in pain and play, My life's sunshine had passed away, My only pal in stillness lay, My little Jack. He was but a dog, a beast I know, I'm a fool perhaps to worry so, But my only friend on earth below Was little Jack. His tiny life is at an end, But Heaven never more can send, A stauncher pal, a truer friend Than little Jack.
The end