by Nosmo King & Herbert Townsend (1946) One evening ev'ry year the local Mayor was wont to meet The children of the city at their annual Christmas treat; And so that none should hunger at this season of Good Will, The board was spread with Yuletide fare that all might eat their fill. A mighty Christmas tree was placed at one end of the hall, It's glitt'ring branches laden down with lovely gifts for all. `But with so many guests to satisfy,' His Worship smiled, `There can be but one gift - and only one - for every child.' So one by one each childish heart was fill'd with happy joy, And sounds of `Ooh!' and 'Ah!' were heard as each received his toy. One little chap called Tim seemed dazed at this display; 'Twas plain to see that presents very rarely came his way. His clothes, tho' tidy, bore the mark of many a patched up tear, Sign of a loving widowed mother's never-failing care. 'Tis now his turn to take a gift - 0, what a glad surprise! A box of soldiers! Timmy's joy was written in his eyes. He stretched his hands out eagerly - and then, we saw him pause; One wistful look, and then he spoke - and oh, the loud guffaws That echoed round the room as, shyly, timidly, he said, `Please Sir, I'd like a dolly for a little girl, instead.' The jeering sniggers of the rest made Timmy blush with shame; `He wants a dolly!' someone sneered, another... `What's her name?' The kindly Mayor said, `Oh, but why a doll, my little son? The soldiers for a lad like you are surely much more fun?' `It's for my little sister, sir, she's ill, and - oh, I know She's longing for a little doll because she told me so. You said one present for each child, and so I'd raver, sir, Give back the sojers and I'll take a doll instead - for her.' As Timmy finished speaking, not a single sound was heard, Glances were averted and many eyes were blurred. Sarcastic sneers and sniggers faded in a trice, For Timmy's story told a tale of great self-sacrifice. And when the children, homeward bound, went filing thro' the door, A lovely doll - and soldiers, too - young Timmy proudly bore.
The end