by Ministry of Information Public information Trailer. (1944) You'll wonder why they make a fuss, If George decides to take a bus. But look again and you will see, That George ain't all that George should be. He's only got a step to go, A couple of hundred yards or so. While others, further down the queue, Have far to go and lots to do. When George gets on we often find, That other folk get left behind. He pays his fare and rides the stage, And off he hops and see the rage. The crowd, detecting George's whim, Would like to tear him limb from limb. And seeing this, gives George a jog, "Perhaps I'm just a 'transport hog'." Now George is such a different man, He walks it every time he can. The difference it makes is bare, A minute here, a minute there. He's feeling sound in wind and limb, His liver never troubles him. The buses pass with folk inside, Who really have a cause to ride. So be like George and walk for freedom, And leave the seats for those that need 'em.
The end