by Cyril Fletcher For the Ministry of Information ( 1946 ) This is the tale of Billy Cans, Who clung on the back of tradesman's vans. His mother warned, "Now nark it, Billy, You'll do that once too often, silly! For if the wagon Bumps, by Jim, You'll land upon your B.T.M.!" He out into the street did dart, And clung onto a nearby cart. Which, very soon, bumped in a rut, The tailboard fell and biffed Bill's nut. He cried, "I thought that I was tough, But it seems that I'm not tough enough. You'll never guess, now, where my snitch is, It's finished up inside my breeches." And so, whenever he goes out, His pals all holler, "What, no snout?" So do not be a silly kid, And hang on carts, like Billy did.
The end