by Cyril Fletcher Televised Public Information Film. 'Eight' exactly Gertie's stretch, A not too greedy little wretch. Was taken after school to tea, For a birthday treat by her auntie. Next day dawned, as next day will, To find poor Gertie proper ill. She cried, "Come here quickly Mum, I've an awful pain inside me tum." The doctor came and shook his head, “It's not a chill or sweets,” he said. "Perhaps the food you've given Gertie, Was chopped up when your hands were dirty." Upon this Mum was really hurt, She said, "In my home there's no dirt." The doctor said, "In general terms, On your hands are lots of germs. Before preparing food you ought ta, Wash your hands in hot soapy water. At high degrees of heat they die, If merely warm they multiply". This story was made up, did you guess? And here's its message to impress. HANDS SPREAD GERMS. ALWAYS WASH THEM BEFORE PREPARING FOOD.
The end