by A.D. Driver and Herbert Townsend (1941) I'm a trimmer in a merchant boat, wot tramps around the ocean, A-fetchin' grub and other things wot keeps the world in motion. (Yus!) We goes away for munfs on end, don't often see the misses, (Nah!) We mostly sees a lot o' coal, and the sea wots filled wiv fishes. I got a mate named Basil Cross, but I just calls 'im Jumper, And 'im and me's been lots of trips a-trimming down the bunker. He's always got a cheery smile upon 'is cheery, fizog And as I'm long, and 'e is short, they call us Gog and Magog. (Yus!) We shovels coals, and then more coal, for 'ours and 'ours and 'ours, You'd never think there was so much in all this world of ours. (Nah!) 'An no sooner do we get it down, and cleans the bunker empty, Than the skipper takes us into port, and finds out where there's plenty. ('Eartbreakin' I calls it.) You'll maybe see our rusty sides, when next you're on a liner, A-cruisin' round the Seven Seas, or on a trip to China. She's not a bloomin' "Cutty Shark" (Nah!) bluff lines a cargo lumper, (Yus!) And down below, still shovellin' coal, 'll be me and my pal Jumper. They calls our ship the Gertie Lee, some calls 'er Dirty Gerty. (Yus!) Well it's all the bloomin' coal she eats, that makes poor Gertie dirty. But for all 'er grime, 'er rusty sides, and the way we grouse about 'er. She'does 'er job, we earn a bob, and them's the things that matter. So when you see one of these craft, a-crawling round the briny, (an they do crawl) Or comin' up the River Thames, don't turn and say "Cor blimey!" For even tho' you thinks she looks a blot upon the landscape, Without 'er aid, to Britain's trade, you'd 'ave a bloomin' 'eartache. You'll never 'ear about 'er likes, except when there's a war on, And then they wonder wot they'll do, about their food and iron. Well our old tub, 'll bring your grub, and carry on undaunted, Unless a mine or tin-fish hot, hits us where it's not wanted. And even then you needn't fear, there's plenty more and finer, To carry on and bring the fings, from Egypt and from China. And wiv the help of Air Force boys, and our bruvers in the Navy You'll get your meat, (yus) and lots to eat, while Fritz won't sniff the gravy.
The end