by C. A. Dickens I've done up me motor just recent. I bought lots of filler and spray. And new bits and bobs, for where old bits and bobs Had rusted and rotted away. I put lots of grease round 'me nipples And oiled every joint I could find. And where there were holes, it looks like a 'Rolls'' 'Cept there's egg box and filler, behind. I've tightened 'me nuts on 'me tappets To stop all the rattles and knocks. I got out my hammer an sockets, and spanner An' checked 'me absorbers for shocks. I've taken the slack out me' track-rod. Examined me' tyres for tread. Put a bulb in the light : for driving at night. An' I coated the cills with red Lead. I've put some new plugs in the engine. An' a wire that comes out of the coil. The contacts are new, the wiper blades, too. Oh... and I put in a litre of oil. I've done all this work for a purpose. The reason is simple, you see! It may not be fun, but it had to be done, 'Cause I needed a new MOT. I was thinking of selling 'me motor, But I patted the cylinder head. And put down the bonnet, - Now the work's all done on it... I might as well keep her instead.
The end