by Monty Wells When an old Kentish fisherman Thought he'd had his day He retired and he sold his boat The handsome sloop 'Medway' The man who bought it was Pierre Who was quite a business man To use it to give tourists trips Was this Frenchman's plan In demand by English tourists Out on the Cote D' Azur Pierre was superstitious Like most sailors to be sure So to bring him luck and also To keep away the rats He always took on every trip Three great big, fat, black cats Pierre's young son, Pierre mark two Who also loved the sea Was not allowed to go on trips 'Cos the lad was only three. He used to cry and say to Dad "Why can't I come with you ? I love the Medway. I love the cats I quite like the English too !" Pa took his lad upon his knee And dried up all his tears And said "Don't worry. You can come In another fourteen years. So 'til that time just stay with Mum Though I know it's not much fun Only Dad, Mogs and Englishmen Go out in the Medway son.
The end