by Monty Wells You may remember sometime Many years ago A man who tangled with James Bond The villainous Dr No. Before his final curtain And untimely end was met He lived in a marble mansion In the uplands of Tibet Although he lived in splendour Getting servants he found hard All he had was a sherpa Fi Yah And a donkey in the yard Now Fi Yah and the donkey Were friends in a manner born And every Monday (Shopping day) They were up at the crack of dawn Down the mountainside together From rock to rock they'd hop To the nearest sherpa village To shop at the Co-op. And all the people knew them The impression that they gave Was that they were inseparable Just like Chas and Dave Then one day, Calamity! No awoke to see No one at his bedside No servant with his tea He went along to Fi Yah's room Not knowing what to do When he arrived he found him Bunged up with Asian Flu "Oh Dr No I feel so ill Said Fi Yah with a moan "I cant go shopping with this cold So send the moke alone Dr No agreed with him 'Twas the best he could arrange He gave the donkey the right cash So he couldn't lose the change He also gave him the shopping list And his ear a friendly rub Said "Go on boy. Get down the shops And fetch back this weeks grub Now when the villagers all saw This lonely little chap Trotting down the street alone They realised some mishap They murmured to each other Forecasting doom so dire "What is wrong. Something's amiss There's No's moke without Fi Yah.
The end