by Monty Wells I'm going back a few years now, In fact to days of old. When all was well in this fair land, And all the knights were bold I'd like then to relate to you One of the minstrels tales About the serfs and Barons Who lived down there in Wales It seems there was great rivalry Among the Lords and like About who had the strongest serfs And many a bet they'd strike And so they had a tournament These vassals of the Lords Though they were armed with sledgehammers Not lances nor with swords This sport, held in a quarry And timed against the clocks To see which team could make most sand By smashing up the rocks And peasants near and peasants far O'er hill and vale would travel To see their local team of serfs Pound boulders into gravel But sometimes fans got angry And murmured in disgust They couldn't pick their own team out Such were the clouds of dust So the Lords all got together And spurning family crest Put initials of their home town On each team members vest Lord Carmarthon had a large 'C' Llanelly had two 'L's Merthyr Tidfil had M.T. B.W. Builth Wells When rock bashing season ended Merthyr Tidfil were the dons They'd won the league also the cup They'd smashed five hundred tons Indeed they were the champions A record proud and grand And gave rise to the saying "M.T. vassals make most sand.
The end