by Malcolm Edward Up on Glodwick Low Where courting couples used to go, It 'ad rained a lot and washed away the clay, Leaving nowt but shale about, Something queer was stickin' out, In the middle of the path on Glodwick Way. It looked like a huge great bone That 'ad turned itself to stone, Like a six foot leg sticking up into the air. Man from Government dug around And another one he found So the great leg sticking up became a pair. He said "This is very queer, To find two legs sticking up here" And the chap then started digging round some more. On digging for a while on 'is face were a strange smile As the two legs sticking up now turned to four. Soon a second chap came around and started Digging in the ground Then clambered from the hole and looked quite pale, After digging all around this chaps heart began to pound, 'Cause now sticking up he saw a ten foot tail! Now at the other end from the tail, Both men shovelled at the shale, And at the end of a long neck an 'ead appeared, By now a crowd stood round amazed at what was found A huge creature that had long since disappeared. Now at the bottom of the hole, The chaps also found some coal And a queue had formed to help take it away So they sold it to the crowd 'coz the "Government were allowed", And the cash they made would supplement their pay. The creature, still upside down, Saw all the people stood around And thought "Beggar this I'm getting out of here" So over he did roll and climbed up out of the hole And a pathway quickly through the crowd did clear. As it trundled towards the town, Knocking trees and houses down The people stared an' just didn't know what to say, Chaps from Government were upset Pay deductions they would get For losin' Dinosaur they found on Glodwick Way.
The end