by John G. Sutton I've just become a grandfather My daughter give birth to a lad And suddenly all of me moaning Has stopped, 'cos now I'm just glad I used to think days were real hard like All workin' and plodding away Just filling in time till me passing But now, well I'm plannin' to stay Wife says as I've getten' a smirk on I'm laughing and chuckling at kid Watchin' him yelling and skriking Just like his mother once did Now I see that this life's got a purpose And all of them trials, hurts and bumps Have turned into lessons I learned from On the road to Grandpa Grumps And though I might be an old codger Grey hair, baldy patch and fat tum For one little chap I'm still perfect And that fellow is my grandson You see it's all down to perception He sees not the signs of old age But a person that offers affection His very own jolly plump sage I tell him tall tales of brave exploits Read nursery rhymes and sing songs He sits on my knee and starts laughing And never a day is too long Dear God let this boy live in freedom Do not let his innocence spoil As he faces this world and its troubles May he find peace of mind, not just toil Then one day when my song is a memory And he's travelled and wearing life's lumps God grant him a grandchild to cuddle Then he too will be Grandpa Grumps.
The end