by John G. Sutton My Granny passed away last year At the time I felt right sad She'd always been a proper pal Just to see her made me glad. I shan't forget her happy smile That open friendly grin And all my friends they liked her too When she passed, it did me in. I won't forget her funeral Half the town came out and cried The church was full and people lined The streets From side to side Then when the lawyer read her will Well I really filled with pride He handed me a little box From she who had just died I took it home to open it On the top it said 'With Love' A last treat from my Granny Now at peace in Heaven above To think that she had thought of me I pressed it to my chest And wondered what she'd left me Now she'd gone to her final rest A little tear came in my eye As I opened her last treat And then I saw them smiling there Looking all clean and neat Now I'll never forget her happy smile With her heart of gold beneath And I'll think of her every time I see My Granny's old false teeth! Submitted 01 April 2002
The end