by Mary Druce Alphonsus was a geriatric limpet And painfully aware of getting older. His life had been quite dull and uneventful (He'd spent it all just clinging to a boulder). So one day he decided he had better Do something great before he ceased to be; Before the time when he would lose his foothold And shrivel up and drop into the sea. Alphonsus vowed he would become an athlete, And checked himself into a limpet gym. The other younger, cocky little limpets Made rude remarks, and laughed and sneered at him. But Alf stuck to his guns (and to his boulder); He practised hard, and then he practised more. The tidal waves grew rough, and ever colder, But Alf knew just what he was striving for. Then, when the limpet postman brought a letter, The limpet lads no longer called him names. 'Dear Alf,' it said, 'delighted to inform you - You've qualified for the Old Limpet Games.
The end