This poem is about internet dating on a website called 'Plenty of Fish'©. I don't know how familiar you guys & gals are on the goings on of these dating websites but the more you do it, the more you will get this poem. Hope you enjoy it. - Graffiti Poet It's harder for a man to get, a girlfriend here on POF© they have a massive shopping list of stuff that puts them off. He must have this, he must have that, he must be ten foot tall and lots of other silly stuff that matters not at all. For us to get to chat them up, we have to join a queue but only when we've made them laugh no simple “Hi” will do. They say we have to write to them, a message oh so long about their love of shopping with not a word spelled wrong. They wonder why we show them fish, they say it puts them off thinking of the grime and slime on clothes they'll have to wash. It's only on the internet things sadly go awry because the girls have taken charge not left it to the guy. Out in the world that doesn't come, from logging on and off the only thing we need in there are hats and caps to doff. We only have to tell a girl, she's looking very cute then suddenly our attributes she finds a perfect suit. I think it isn't very wise, to let them pick and choose just look at what a fuss they make of shopping for their shoes. It may be best from here on in, we switch it all about let girls write all the messages and ask the fellas out. Or just go back to how it was, to all the ways of old when women were much happier and did as they were told. The world was such a better place, more love got shared about when all we did was ask her Dad to take his daughter out. I think I'm going to write to POF©, to tell them what I think the chances for the men in here completely bloody stink. We only want a pretty girl, someone to call “My Dear” to cook us Sunday dinner and fetch a bloomin' beer.
The end