(A Cautionary Tale) by Jim MacBrayne This is the tale of Johnny Wise, Who built a rocket of fabulous size. He dreamt of visiting all the stars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, And even Pluto. Came the day, When Johnny set upon his way. He lit the fuse and climbed aboard, Then towards the skies the rocket soared, While crowds all gasped to see the sight, And Johnny, strapped inside, sat tight, Upon his seat with smiling face, At being the first to shoot through space. But now there comes a sadder bit, He had no way of guiding it. On and on burned the powerful jet, Who knows, he may be climbing yet, With comets and meteors shooting by, Going further and further into the sky, Just up and up... A moral has this dismal tale, Never attempt what is likely to fail, On threat of achieving the same as our clown, Who was first man up - but never came down.
The end