by Harry and Cliff Beevers The brightest boy at Highfield School Was small and puny Joseph Poole, He studied Maths from morn till night And always got his mental right. He'd spend vacations up at Lytham Solving graph and logarithm If twelve men dug two deep canals... He'd work it out with decimals And though no good at French or Art At Algebra was very smart. He'd spend six hours on long equation Sharpening his education.. At twelve he'd done the syllabus, A proper little genius. The time then came for Joseph Poole To choose a job on leaving school, Hard it was for him to pick it And then he said, "I'll take up cricket". All his friends in consternation Thought it a waste of education But Joe ignoring cries of "Shame" Set out to learn his chosen game, And working to a rigid plan Soon made the grade as sixteenth man. But little chance there seemed to be Of playing for the M.C.C. Then one July his dream came true, The bowlers all struck down with 'flu "Young Joseph Poole", the paper reads, "will play in Yorkshire's match at Leeds". For Joe it was a happy day, His chance to bowl at Peter May. The captain said "Now come on Joe, Take off your cap and have a go". So using his Arithmetic Joe gave the ball a mighty flick That sent the ball to deep square leg Then broke and hit the middle peg. The next one aimed at cover point Put all the wickets out of joint. A hat-trick now was Joseph's plan As in came Surrey's finest man. The crowd looked on with bated breath The batsman watched half scared to death As Joseph did a calculation Then bowled 'mid cries of acclamation. The ball swerved left and then to right Towards the bails in winged flight Then from the crowd a fearful shout, The England skipper, May, was out. Shock after shock for after this Just hear young Joe's analysis, He took ten wickets for one run, The match was over, Yorkshire won. Then came Joseph's great decision He'd join the U.S. lunar mission No longer one of Yorkshire's stars, He aims to be the first to Mars.
The end