by Monty Wells Did you ever hear that story Of a dark and stormy night When the famous Eddystone lighthouse Failed to show a light? Technicians, electricians, They came from all about To try to find the reason why The beacon light went out But these bright boys were baffled They hadn't got a clue 'Til one bright 'sparks' apprentice said "I'll tell you what to do... Beneath the Menai Bridge, they say On Anglesey's fair shore There's lived an old Dutch hermit, Hans, For sixty years or more. His thinking power's marvellous His reasoning is great They say he once told someone Why railway trains run late!" A messenger was sent forthwith To find the brainy sage And brought him back within a day Despite the old blokes age. They told old Hans the problem Then stood back beneath his spell They watched the old goat scratch his head And scratch his bum as well He cast his eyes around the room Along the floor and wall Then ambled to a corner To a meter black and small He studied it intently And then produced a bob He put it in a little slot And turned a little knob And lo! The Eddystone light shone forth Old Hans had used his brains The hermit from the Menai Bridge Had saved the shipping lanes He said "Should this occur again My duty I'll not shirk Give me a call and you will find Menai Hans will make light work!"
The end