by John Slater Now Syd and his mates from t'Masonic Decided at t'meeting in May As 'ow they were in need of a tonic They'd go to Blackpool for t'day The charra arrived and they boarded And Syd stated to t'members quite reet As how he were t'Worshipful Master He'd sit on his own in t'front seat. They soon drank the barrel of best bitter And own ale, what a strange mix! Arriving in Blackpool exhausted After watering half of the A6 They went up to t'top of the Tower And sat down to rest for a while They gazed down on t'glistening seashore Then Syd's face burst out in a smile... "Come on lads" he shouted to t'ethren "There's some donkeys down theer on the beach "And we'll have a race on yon buggers With a wager, say 30 bob each!" "Can you hire these donkeys" said Sydney For Syd thought wi' owner he'd haggle. "Course you can" said t'donkey owner "There's a small screw underneath t'saddle" 'Smart sod!, thought Syd, but he hired six Then ethren all got on their steeds They wiggled and waggled and then moved around To adjust their 'gentlemens needs' Syd and t'donkey were off like a rocket Then South Pier it soon came in sight "Whoa yer bugger!..." cried Sydney But t'donkey just kept on in flight. Now t'ethren were getting quite worried With t'donkey and Syd out of sight "We'll have to get a taxi and find him ' Cos he's leading clog dancing tonight." Wi' 10.80 on th'meter, They found Syd in the sand to his neck, "Bloody hell!" said t'Senior Warden While Deacons retorted "by heck!" They started to dig with a shovel Syd looked poorly, really quite wonky "Tha'll need a JCB lads", said Sydney "Cos I'm still sat on this old Blackpool donkey!". Jon Slater May 2001 Submitted 28 June 2002
The end