by Alan Cameron When I were a lad I had me a dog He were honest and faithfull and good And if I told him sit then I knew for a fact That sooner or later he would. One morning I fell in the river And I thought I'd be certain to drown Old Faithfull were barking and wagging his tail And when I floated by he sat down. Next day I were out hunting rabbits He just sat and he watched with a grin And when I were knackered and ready to drop He put out his fag and joined in. Well the years fast did roll and old Faithfull grew old And one day he were laid out in't sand So I knelt down beside him and cradled his head And the swine took a lump out me hand. Then one day the doctor came to me said "Next time that there's trouble wi't pet Please don't send for me I'm a doctor What you need to send for is vet!" I said "Now that you're famous you're choosey Young fella you'd best watch your step It were different with young Elvis Presley When he had same trouble with Shep" Well old Faithfull's gone where the good doggies go And no more will he be suffering There'll be no fleas to bite him no cats to scatch him And he won't hear the Rolling Stones sing. So all you young lads heed my warning If you're thinking of getting a dog He might just turn out like old Faithfull So take my advice... GET A FROG!
The end