by Ernie Shankster They're a scruffy ole pair of Fire Brigade socks. And I've 'ad 'em for near 30 year; But now we must part,'cos i've just been retired, And I'll not try to 'old back a tear, by Gawd, I'll not try to 'old back a tear They've seen some service, these 'ave; They was part 'o me fire fighting gear. They kep' me feet warm, on the cold jobs, An' they soaked up the sweat o' me fear, by Gawd, They soaked up the sweat 'o me fear. When the kids was young, every Christmas These ole socks played their part; They was 'ung by their beds, stuffed full 'o the things That are dear to a nippers ' eart, Gawd bless 'em, That are dear to a nippers 'eart. Now I'm at the end 'o me tether; I've 'ung me socks up, so to speak, And I've given 'em to a fine lady, What'll wash 'em 'n change 'em each week, I 'ope, What'll wash 'em 'n change 'em each week.
The end