by Malcolm Edward As I walked up to St Peter's Gate, A voice called out "Sorry you're too late" "The Good folks 'ave been counted in" 'Join that queue, They're repenting sin'. So head hung low I joined the line, If only I had come on time, This line could lead me straight to Hell, I was in the wrong queue, I knew damn well. So I climbed back up to St Peter's Gate, Said, "Excuse me but I'm sorry mate, I know I sinned some years ago, When told to come I had to go". "That's a small sin" he said, "I'll check with Pete". I smiled and thought, "Good no retreat". Within a flash the Angel returned His clothes all charred his wing tips burned. "My gosh" I said, "what happened to you"? There was thunder and the air turned blue I'd never heard an Angel swear, Particularly one with golden hair. "I told Pete your story, he said was it a blow, When you were told to come but you had to go? If you'd come then, you'd not be here now And I wouldn't have got in such a row". "So Pete's instruction is simple and clear, You must go back to earth for one more year, Next time make sure you come when called, In the meantime you'll lose your teeth and go bald". That was just a year ago and this is now, It was difficult but I did it somehow, Not a tooth in my head and no comb required, We both came together and then I expired. Now with the Good folks being counted in, On time, this time, and free from sin, But nightmares and memories I still have some, Of having to go when I should have come.
The end