by Tom Gaunt (1998) Now you'll have heard tell of the plagues God sent, That got deadlier each time but so, It was to persuade the Pharaoh that he meant For Moses and his people to go. But the Pharaoh was of the fickle kind And his subject's lives were a wreck, Every time he changed his mind, They got it, right in the neck. Frogs, flies, dead fish from the Nile and animals sick Then horrible boils and hail which smashed crops, A layer of locusts about ten inches thick, And so dark you couldn't go to the shops. Each time the Pharaoh was filled with scorn, If he was worried, then he hid it, But next came the death of all the first born, Now that's the one that did it. And so at last the great King said ' Woah, I've had enough of your people and thee, Get out! clear off!, understand me?, just go, And so Moses and his people were free. Yes at last, they were out of the door, No longer slaves, a free race But the Pharaoh changing his mind once more Got up his army, gave chase. The children of Israel ran as fast as they could With the Egyptians closing in for the kill, Who'd had enough of Moses, were after his blood And would no more bend to his will. The Israelites had seen enough of one master, And had a desire to remain free, It only made them run faster, Until they reached the shores of a sea. This was known as the Red Sea And was an obstacle in their way, One of them said,' Is it just me, Or are we all going to snuff it today? Moses came up behind so fast, Waving and shouting 'Fear not!', God's done some miracles, just past, But the next one's really hot!' With that he turned to face the water Closed his eyes and waved his stick all about Saying 'Today there'll be no slaughter, Of that there is no doubt. The sea began to look queer There was a roar and a splash and a shout, But what made most people tremble with fear, Was the noise like a bath emptying out. Then they all looked up and saw A path with a wall of water each side, Some old wag at the back exclaimed, 'Cor! Now that's what I call a high tide'. 'That cloud of dust you sea over that dune' Said Moses as he gave the horizon a scan. 'Means they'll be on us quite soon, The Egyptians and their King - nasty man. The people crossed over quickly And soon they reached solid ground But the Egyptians were soon feeling sickly, In fact they were all blooming drowned.
The end