by George Liddel High in the Notre Dame towers, The Hunchback makes the bells swing. And down in the city streets below, Parisians hark to their ring. People had great admiration, For the famous bell ringer's art. For they knew that the beautiful music Came from deep in his heart. One man watched him in action A-swinging and ringing with ease. Then approached him and asked him the question "Could I have a go if you please?" Quasimodo showed him the method Of getting the great bells to chime. Then just to be sure that the man understood He showed him again one more time. But when he came to try it himself I'm afraid that he got quite wrong. A huge bell swung back all out of control And smashed in his face ... with a BONG. He lay there all bleeding, unconscious, Lying as lifeless as wood. The paramedics quickly arrived on the scene And patched him as best as they could. "Could you tell us who this man is Who's lying here fighting for life? When we take him down to the infirm'ry We must inform his poor wife." "I've often seen him around before, Though I do not know him that well. I'm afraid I never knew his name, But his face just rang a bell."
The end