by Mary Druce This is the tale, the history, of Reg the Brontosaurus Who sang (including harmony) the Hallelujah Chorus. Now Handel, as you know full well, intended his Messiah To be performed in public, with a full cathedral choir. It came to pass, as Handel strolled among the groves Jurassic, He thought he heard a choir of angels carolling his classic. And, climbing up a ferny bank, he peered above the edge; Imagine his astonishment when he encountered Reg! 'I never thought I'd live to hear my Hallelujah Chorus Sung by (including harmony) an ugly Brontosaurus!' Then, seeing he'd offended, by the hurt in Reg's eyes, He had the grace to beg his pardon and apologise. So Reg went up to Westminster to sing inside the Abbey, But all the fuss with mikes and wires and buttons made him crabby. They made a record, all complete with circumstance and pomp, But what he really longed for was a wallow in his swamp. Back in his natural habitat, Reg seldom tells his story; (No self-respecting Brontosaurus bothers much with glory). But be aware, next time you hear the Hallelujah Chorus, It's not the choir at Westminster - it's Reg the Brontosaurus!
The end