by Stephen Ogier Robert the Bruce were a Scottish king Wot lived inside a cave With a big black 'airy spider So 'e must've been quite brave. Now although 'e were a king an' all 'E 'ad troubles with 'is neighbours So 'e used to call them "Sasser-nacks" An' 'e granted them no favours. But this just got 'em angry An' nasty schemes they planned To rob our Bob of all 'e 'ad 'Is kingdom an' 'is land. So our Bob 'e fought some battles But 'e didn't 'ave much luck The Sasser-nacks didn't fight fair An' 'e landed in the muck. An' after each of 'is attempts 'E went back to 'is cave An' 'e tried to think of ways in which 'Is kingdom 'e could save. But our Bob got quite discouraged 'Cause 'e thought 'e couldn't win An 'e thought it might be better If 'e decided to give in. Then one day 'e watched 'is spider As its ragged web it spun An' though it kept on fallin' off It kept goin' till it won. Well 'e watched an' watched for hours Then 'e rushed to tell 'is men That if at first you don't succeed Just try an' try again. So they 'ad another battle An' I think this time they won An' they beat the dreaded Sasser-nacks An' they kept 'em on the run. Then they said 'e were an 'ero An' they said that 'e were brave But in fact it were the spider Wot lived inside 'is cave.
The end