by Tony Darke I left the city smoke behind For the countryside again. In usual spring weather, Tipping down with rain! At last the raindrops ceased Their pounding on my head, And bloody great hailstones Took their place instead. I wandered there between the fields Along a winding track And slipped upon a cowpat And fell flat on my back. I took a deep breath of the air And a tear sprang to my eye Because a jolly farmer Was spreading muck nearby. The lambs were gambolling in the field Playing poker and roulette. The lovely soaring birdsong Was drowned out by a jet. Alas the day was over And I sadly homeward trod When a car drove through a puddle And soaked me, thoughtless sod. The city lights were beckoning As I waited for the train But just as I suspected It's been cancelled once again. At last I reached my cosy flat As with flu I start to cough, The bloody place is freezing The heating's still switched off If I get the urge again In the countryside to stray, I'll quickly have a long lie down 'Til the feeling goes away.
The end