by Stephen Ogier Now the Queen she said to Philip That it seemed it were a while Since she'd put on her stately robes And strolled Westminster's aisle. She'd heard the cheers of all the folk Who had come out to see And for those who couldn't get there They'd put it on TV. She'd ridden in a carriage That shone like it were gold But I think it were only plated If the truth be told. She'd worn a heavy royal crown With gems of every hue That near gave her a headache Way back in fifty-two. She said she'd keep on reigning For as long as she could breathe And if we didn't like it We could pack our bags and leave. But we all loved our Lizzie And stayed put where we were And if it weren't for all the rain I'm sure we'd still be there. Now being a queen's not easy Good times come and go And she's had her share of troubles Some grief and lots of woe. The colonies went feral And wanted to be free Our Liz graciously conceded And gave them liberty. Then there were deaths and taxes And wars to fight as well Some troubles with the children Sometimes it seemed like Hell. But our Liz she rose above it all She never gave up hope And still she kept on reigning She even met the Pope. And now full sixty years has passed And quite a lot has changed For one thing, TV's colour And the PMs are deranged. She's had lots of celebrations But she likes this one the best Cause diamonds are a girl's best friend When they're put to the test.
The end