by Len Stedall Stanley is a little lad, he isn't very tall In fact if someone asked me I would say he is quite small He isn't very heavy, he doesn't weigh a lot And everyone who sees him says, "Ah what a tiny tot" His eyes are blue, his hair is brown, his ears are large, but clean His teeth are white, his nails well trimmed, his skin a shade of green ' A shade of green?' I hear you ask, was it like that from birth To tell the truth I just don't know, he doesn't come from earth. No Stanley is a Martian with a loving Mum and Dad Who brought him here for a holiday then left without the lad So I've been looking after him until they re-appear It shouldn't be much longer now, he's been with me a year. I've sent a dozen letters, I've even tried to phone They must be on their way here 'cos no-one's ever home So if you see a green skinned couple, with an empty pram Do me a great big favour and tell 'em where I am.
The end