Marriott Edgar and Stanley Holloway plus fun and mayhem
from Robb Wilton, Cyril Fletcher, Pat O'Malley, Al Read
and many more...

Stars of stage and radio,
Ernest Hastings, Will Fyffe
and a host of other favourites...
star Joyce Grenfell, Gracie Fields,
Elsie Doris Waters and, of
course, our very own Pam Ayres.

Mike Harding, Les Barker, Gary Hogg, Max Boyce, Bernard Wrigley,
Bob Newhart and many other modern-day proclaimers continue the
glorious monologue tradition...

Featuring a few names you wouldn't normally associate with comic verse - so enjoy Eric Idle's 'Wife-Swapping Party' or Denis Healey's 'Ode To Westminster'... star Read the gripping tale of 'White Willie'
the heroic one-legged horse or gasp at
Old Jeff, dragged from beneath his
steam-roller and folded neatly into bed!!!

Take a ride on 'The 11:69 Express',
read the hair-curling 'Engineer's Tale'
or enjoy 'Casey's Billy-Goat'.
star Giggles with the lads and lasses of the armed forces at home and away, in war and in peace.

Discover the fate of the 'Cabbage Rose', the good ship ' Glue-Pot'
the 'Whats-Her-Name'... and read, with awe, the tale of
'The Diagonal Steam-Trap' and the legend of
'The Million Tonne Tanker'.

Albert Ramsbottom, reincarnated
in a host of new and
hilarious situations.
star Fakespeare...
I imagine the poor old bard must be
Spinning in his grave, right now!

A lighter look at some of our favourite sporting events,
cricket, football, boxing etc... including the epic tale
of John Christopher Brown's mountaineering battle against
the villainous Reginald Hake for the love of the beautiful
Mary Jane Smith (what a peach!).

'Piddlin' Pete', 'The Farting Contest'
The Bell-Ringer's Daughter and
'The Doggies Meeting' included.
star Three generations of family,
childhood memories... from
Robert Browning to Roald Dahl.

Go riding, riding, riding with 'Dick Turpentine'
or enjoy 'The End of the Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe's cat.
All the usual apologies will apply.

Just a tiny sample of the
many thousands of this popular
poetic format.
star A small selection of tear-jerkers
from the old Victorian musichall

Do you remember those black and white film shorts of the 1950s/60s
with Cyril Fletcher, and others, warning of the hazards of
'Coughs and Sneezes' or 'Posting early for Christmas'...
and, of course, poor little 'Gertie' who wouldn't wash her hands!