ALFRED VANCE (1839-1988)
1   Act On The Square, Boys
2   Carrie
3   Country Life For Me, A
4   Covent Garden In The Morning
5   Dick Murphy Of T.C.D.
6   Fair Girl Dress'd In Check
7   Husband's Boat, The
8   Kerrect Kard, The
9   Naughty Young Man, The
10   Old Brown's Daughter
11   Peter Potts The Peeler
12   Serjeant Sharp Of Lincoln's Inn
13   Slap Bang Here We Are Again
14   Style, The
15   Tick! Tick! Tick!
16   Ticket Of Leave Man, The
17   Toothpick And Crutch
18   Walking In The Zoo

A.G. Vance, aka 'Alfred Vance', 'The Great Vance' or 'Alfred Grenville', was a great rival of George Leybourne, writer of 'Champagne Charlie'. Vance wrote and performed 'Cliquot' in response. Vance ended the feud with the song "Beautiful Beer". Their style introduced a new genre to the music hall, known as lion comique.

Vance died on 26 December 1888 while performing on the stage of the Sun Music Hall, Knightsbridge.

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