ARTHUR LLOYD (1840-1904)
Arthur Lloyd
1   All Through Obliging A Lady
2   American Beef
3   American Drinks, The
4   Angelina Was Always Fond Of Soldiers
5   Arthur and Martha
6   Baby Show, The
7   Beautiful Young Widow Brown
8   Beef, Pork, Mutton
9   Beware Of The Widow
10   Bird Whistle Man
11   Blighted Barber, The
12   Bob Baker, the Shoe Maker
13   Brewer's Daughter, The
14   Brown The Tragedian
15   Busy Bee, The
16   But Of Course It's No Business Of Mine
17   Chillingowullabadorie
18   Costermonger's Song, The
19   Countess Of Constantinople, The
20   Cow and Three Acres, A
21   Diddle Diddle Dumpling
22   Dirty Dick's
23   Do Ra Mi Fa ( or The Music Master)
24   Dobbs In Paris
25   Don't Ask Me To Give Up Flo
26   Don't Say I Told You
27   Drink And Let's Have Another
28   Dumplings
29   Envy Of The World At Westminster, The
30   Fireman's Dog Of Wapping, The
31   Frenchy Enchy
32   Funny Mrs. Jones
33   Gallant Ninety-Third, The
34   Goodbye John
35   Happiest Day Of My Life, The
36   Happy Thought
37   Hush A Bye
38   I Couldn't
39   I Sigh For Her In Vain
40   I Shall Tell My Mama
41   I Think It Looks Very Much Like It
42   I Vowed That I Never Would Leave Her
43   I'll Place It In The Hands Of My Solicitors
44   I'll Strike You With A Feather
45   Immenseikoff
46   Ipecacuanha
47   It Makes Me So Awfully Wild
48   It's A Sort Of Thing We Read About
49   It's Naughty But It's Nice
50   It's Wonderful How We Do It, But We Do
51   Johnny Go Into The Garden
52   Just by the Angel at Islington
53   Just The Thing For Frank
54   Just To Show There's No Ill-Feeling
55   Madame Tussauds
56   Major de Voy
57   Married To A Mermaid
58   Millingtary Band, The
59   Mr. Liddle and Miss Riddle
60   Mrs. Mary Plucker Sparrowtail
61   My Story It Is True
62   My Wife's Relations
63   Naughty Boy, The
64   Not For Joseph
65   Oh! I Shall Call Dada
66   Oh! Marigold
67   Oh, You Little Ducky
68   Old Woman And Her Pig, The
69   One More Polka
70   Organ Grinder, The
71   Pardonnez Moi
72   Piano-Organ Man, The
73   Policeman 92X
74   Pom! Pom! Pom!
75   Pretty Lips
76   Pretty Little Mary
77   Putney Bus, The
78   Reflecting On The Past
79   Ring Master, The (or The Circus Master)
80   Roman Fall, The
81   Roses and Dreams
82   School Master, The
83   She'd Kept Them All For Me
84   Signor MacStinger - The Baritone Singer
85   Silly Billy
86   Some Lady's Dropp'd Her Chignon
87   Song Of Songs
88   Sophia-phia-phia
89   Take It Bob
90   Take Your Time Don't Hurry
91   Takes The Cake
92   That's Why I've Not Got 'Em On, And
93   Thomas's Machine
94   Tipperary Rose
95   Tooral-Ooral-Ooral Lee
96   Twin Brothers, The
97   Unfortunate Man, The
98   Ups And Downs
99   Vulgar Family, The
100   What Everything's Made Of
101   When I Prove False To Thee
102   Where Are You Going?
103   Where Are You? There You Are!
104   Who'll Shut The Door
105   You Know
106   You Know You Are
107   You May Look But You Mustn't Touch
108   You Understand
    Arthur Lloyd made his first London appearance in 1862 and became a great favourite at the 'London Pavilion' doing much to found the prosperity of this hall in it's early days. Starting as an actor, of Scottish origin, he was one of the few early performers to be invited to appear in private before the Prince of Wales. His greatest successs was 'Not For Joseph' which he, himself, wrote. Other songs of his included, 'Immensikoff' and 'Pretty Lips'. Lloyd's songs were strongly characterised and he lived to be called 'the last of the lions comiques'. He died in 1904 at the age of 64 years.
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