BILLY WILLIAMS (1877-1915)
Billy Williams
1   All The Ladies Fell In Love With Sandy
2   All The Silver From The Silvery Moon
3   As Good As Money In The Bank
4   Aunty Mog's Shawl
5   Come And Have A Look At What I've Got
6   Come Into The Garden, John
7   Don't Go Out With Him Tonight
8   Girls Of Today
9   Go And Get One Of Your Own, Malone
10   Here Comes Oxo
11   Here We Are Again
12   Hobnailed Boots That Father Wore, The
13   I Met Her At St. Kilda
14   I Must Go Home Tonight
15   I Never Heard Father Laugh So Much Before
16   I'm The Man That Buried Flanagan
17   In The Land Where There Are No Girls
18   Jean Loves All The Jockeys
19   Jean, Jean From Aberdeen
20   John, Go And Put Your Trousers On
21   Let's Go Where All The Crowd Goes
22   Let's Have A Song Upon The Gramophone
23   Let's Have Another One Together
24   Little Billy's Wild Woodbines
25   My Girl From London Town
26   Oh! Mister Macpherson
27   Oh, The Girls Of Gottenberg
28   One Girl's As Good As Any Other Girl
29   Poor Old England
30   Put A Bit Of Powder On It, Father
31   Save A Little One For Me
32   Serves You Right
33   She Does Like A Little Drop Of Scotch
34   She's Coming Home, Tonight
35   Since Poor Father Joined The Territorials
36   Squeeze 'Er, Ebenezer
37   Stick To Your Uncle Jeremiah
38   Tale Of Paris, A
39   Taximeter Car, The
40   They All Went Marching In
41   Tickle Me Timothy, Do
42   Wait Till I'm As Old As Father
43   We All Sang Too-Ra-Loo-Ral-Addie!
44   We Don't Want Anymore Daylight
45   When Father Papered The Parlour
46   When Poor Old Father Tried To Kill The Cock-A-Doodle-Oo
47   When There Isn't A Girl About
48   Where Does Daddy Go When He Goes Out
49   Why Can't We Have The Sea In London
50   Why Don't Santa Claus Bring Something To Me?
    Richard Isaac Banks changed his name to Billy Williams and became the most recorded popular entertainer of his and indeed of all time. Billed as 'The Man In The velvet Suit', his recordings continued to sell in their thousands long after his early death in 1915. Born in Melbourne, Williams tried a number of jobs before embarking on an entertainment career which led him to come to England in 1899. He became a popular entertainer in the music halls singing, what were known as, chorus-songs.
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