DAN LENO (1860-1904)
Dan Leno
1   As Hot As I Can Make It
2   Bow Street
3   Buying A House
4   Dear Old Mike
5   Detective Camera
6   Forty Thieves, The
7   Grass Widower, The
8   Her Mother's At The Bottom Of It All
9   Huntsman, The
10   I'm Waiting For Him Tonight
11   Jap, The
12   Lecturer, The
13   May-Day Fireman, The
14   Mother's Washing Day
15   Mr. Green
16   Muffin Man, The
17   My Old Man
18   My Wife's Relations
19   Salvage Man, The
20   Swimming Master, The
21   Tower Of London, The
22   Where Are You Going To, My Pretty Maid
23   Young Men Taken In And Done For

Dan Leno was the greatest comedian of the Victorian Music Hall. His real name was George Galvin, and he was immensely popular, pioneering the style of stand-up comedy. Each of his acts was a character study, usually starting with a verse of song and then going into a character monologue. The humour in the lyrics was not due to individual witty lines but rather an accumulation of many 'play on words'. His comic effect was achieved by changes of tone and perfect timing.

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