FLORRIE FORD (1876-1940)
Florrie Forde
1   All In Favour
2   Anona
3   Barmaid's Song, The
4   Bird In A Gilded Cage, A
5   Dainty Little Maid From Chicago, The
6   Daisy Bell
7   Down At The Old Bull And Bush
8   Down, Down, Down In Devonshire
9   Fair, Fat And Forty
10   Flanagan
11   Forty Fousand Frushes
12   From Poverty Street To Golden Square
13   Girls, Study Your Cookery Books
14   Good 'Eavens Mrs Evans
15   Good-Bye London Town
16   Good-Bye-Ee
17   Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly
18   Has Anyone Seen A German Band
19   Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy
20   How'd You Like To Spoon With Me
21   In The Valley Of Golden Dreams
22   Is Anybody Looking For A Widow
23   It Pays To Advertise
24   It's A Long Way To Tipperary
25   It's Nice To Have A Friend
26   Jere-Jeremiah
27   K-K-K-Kiss Me Again
28   Like A Good Little Wife Should Do
29   Man And Wife Should Always Pull Together
30   Oh Flo! Did You But Know
31   Oh, Oh Antonio
32   Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag
33   Polish Up The Handle On The Door
34   She's A Lassie From Lancashire
35   Swing Me Higher, Obadiah
36   They're All Single By The Sea
37   Turned Up
38   Waltz Me Around Again, Willie
39   We're All Good Pals At Last
40   What Happened To The Manx Cat's Tail
41   When The Fields Are White With Daisies
42   Who's The Girl You're Going To Meet Tonight?
43   Yes, We Have No Bananas
    Florrie Forde was born Flora Flanagan to Irish-Australian parents in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy on 16 August 1876. Her father was a monumental mason. After he died, Florrie took the name of her stepfather, a Mr. Forde, a supplier of theatrical costumes. She was sixteen and stagestruck when she ran away to Sydney with her sister Nan.
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