FRED ALBERT (1844-1886)
Fred Albert
1   Bradshaw's Guide
2   Cheer For Plimsoll, A
3   Cribbage
4   Give Me The Girl That Is Tender And True
5   I Won't Believe It's True
6   It's All Very Easy To Talk About
7   Jolly Good Thing, A
8   London
9   Mad Butcher, The
10   Off To America
11   Playing On The Same Old String
12   Sentimental Songs
13   Spelling Bee, The
14   Turkey And The Bear, The
15   What's-Er-Name Square
16   I Knew That I Was Dreaming
17   I Won't Believe It's True
    Fred Albert was 'A Topical Vocalist' who gained great popularity in the 1870's. He wrote all of his own material which included 'Bradshaw's Guide' and 'The Mad Butcher'. Most of his songs dealt with up-to-the-minute happenings.
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